Outside Dining Room and Barbeque

  • The step by step process of building an outside dining room and barbeque.
    The location is a little scruffy but is south facing.
  • For this pool side location the dining room has to be large enough to fit in the built in barbeque and the wood fired pizza oven. It’s not just the room that they take up but also the heat that they generate.
    The design called for masonry pillars to support the three sided roof.
  • The rear wall of the dining room provides total privacy to the pool and sun bathing areas.
  • Each piece of Scandinavian pine is cut and chamfered by hand. The chamfer stops the wood treatment from peeling off at the edges of the wood and is a more pleasing to the eye.
  • Roof rafters are jointed to the roof support beams so that the roof becomes a strong single unit.
  • This roof is treated with a micro-porous wood treatment coloured  “Teak” and wood worm killer preventative.
  • Insulation has been laid under traditional clay tiles to prevent the roof radiating heat down into the dining area during the hot summer days.
  • The chimneys were constructed for the barbeque and wood fired pizza oven keeping the dining area as smoke and heat free as possible.
  • Amost ready to start cooking!
  • The dining room is accessed by granite steps.
    This local granite has been roughened to provide plenty of grip even when wet. Local granite is also incorporated to form an edge around the floor and to provide a work surface in the cooking area.
  • Railing are installed
  • Paining and tiles laid just the electrics now and we are ready to go.
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