External works: Patios, Walls, Paving

Patios, paving, walls for your property in Central Portugal

External works are works of all kinds, from pool side patios to creating a new calçada drive or path to your house. Maybe installing garden drainage or irrigation. Perhaps, putting up fences and gates. In fact anything that is heavy work requiring muscle power and traditional skills.

Dry stone walling is a specialty as well as the pointing of stone walls. It often amazes our clients just what can be achieved from a pile of stones that were dropped off the back of a truck. If you have a property where the render is cracked and falling off we can clean off the render, exposing the often beautiful stone work underneath and re point in a sympathetic coloured pointing cement allowing the warm natural colours of the stone to come out. A result which will keep out the damp and last for years.

An Alpendre: the welcome addition to your Summer living

An "Alpendre" is a tiled roof on pillars to protect people from the sun while sitting, cooking or dining. The alpendre in the slide show below was designed to act as a barbecue and outside dining room.

Crafted on site by our carpenters it is constructed of Scandinavian pine as this will not warp or crack like the Portuguese equivalent. The timber has been treated with preservative and a wood stain. The roof is lined with ship lap boarding to stop birds nesting and roosting under the tiles which causes a mess on any furniture below. The roof is also insulated as an un-insulated roof can become too warm to sit under during the height of the summer. The underside of the roof has decorative bracing with a power outlet for a lamp or fan. Traditionally styled it is a welcome addition to summer living.

Calçada: Classic Portuguese paving

The little project seen below was interesting as we overcame a couple of problems to finish with a very pleasing result. The original stone Eira (threshing floor) was uneven and sloping so that it was difficult to use as a patio. Traditional black and white stone calçada was laid over the surface of the Eira and a black border made to emphasize the shape. A black stone carpet was also positioned where the barbeque would eventually go as this would not show up grease splashes from the cooking.

Instead of installing a central drain to remove rain water the surface of the calçada is level where the table and chairs will be positioned and slightly curved along the perimeter to run rain water out of the perimeter stones. The ancient olive crushing stone was put back on top of the calçada when it was finished.

Specialist Services


A new gate can make your property more impressive

Metal and wooden gates bring a dramatic change to any property.

Here is a before and after:

If you have a design or ideas that you would like to discuss don't hesitate to contact us.