Heating & Cooling

Central heating in Central Portugal

Times are changing! The days of a poorly insulated house which is too hot in the summer and freezing in the winter are gradually becoming a thing of the past. Most of us are interested in saving the environment and all of us want to save money.

Heating and cooling can be two of the largest annual costs we have here in central Portugal. For keeping Cosy , wood in central Portugal is plentiful and cheep. It’s also environmentally friendly if burnt in a high efficiency, clean burning stove. Wood comes in pellets or from firewood suppliers in logs delivered to your door.

Keeping warm

Gas is either in large liquid gas bottles which you can buy in most villages, larger containers delivered to your door or in underground tanks holding a tonne or more. The price of liquid gas (both Propane and Butane) keeps tract with the oil price so there isn’t much in it.

Oil is readily available, delivered to your door and as simple to use as gas. More maintenance is required than with a gas system.
Electricity, although cheaper per unit that in northern Europe it is still an expensive way to heat your home if you use electric fires and oil filled radiators. Low tariff “off peak” electricity is available.
Hot water central heating, under floor heating, hot air heating.
Are all available click here for more information
Solar Panels, Heat Pumps, Photo Voltaic Systems, Ground heat Source Systems
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Air conditioning in Central Portugal

Keeping Cool

Air conditioning can be expensive to run and only the very best systems truly operate quietly. There are also “cool-rad systems” available and many more simple low cost devices such as ceiling fans. We are here to help you choose and get the system that best suits your requirements.

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