New Build Project

  • The ruin
    It’s often hard to see the potential in a plot of land or ruined property especially as the brambles are two meters high.
  • Cottage for 7
    This small cottage also on the site once housed 7 children and their parents.
  • Potential
    When we climbed up onto the larger ruin we were able to see the views and realise the potential of the property.
  • Original Features
    This niche once housed a cross and candles they are known as “gateways to heaven” we will place this back in the new wall.
  • Original Features
    The property has many very old features. This stone with a hole through the middle is set into a wall so that a donkey or goat can be tethered to it. It will be replaced in the new building.
  • Demolition
    Demolition is in progress
  • Demoltion
    The small cottage is also removed so that a more spacious, dry and warm home can be built.
  • Site cleared
    Diggers make short work of clearing away house made of mud and stones.
  • Ready to build
    The dry stone wall around the boundary is repaired. We are now ready to start construction.
  • Shuttering
    Shuttering is erected to act as moulds for the new concrete foundations.
  • Reinforcement
    The steelwork for reinforcing the columns can be seen. The building is construction in column and beam methodology. The brickwork does not carry any of the structural load. Making it stronger than traditional all brick construction methods.
  • Columns set
    With the columns cast in reinforced concrete we are setting out the beams to hold the roof and ceiling.
  • The floor
    The floor is raised off the ground and fully insulated: No danger of damp and warm to walk on.
  • Ready for the walls
    Once the concrete is set all the supports will be removed and the external and internal walls bricked up.
  • Pool location
    What will be the swimming pool location is used as a materials store as the pool will be one of the last tasks to undertake.
  • External walls
    Piles of 40mm thick “wallmate” wall insulation ready to be installed around all the external walls.
  • Cornice
    The roof cornice moulding can be seen and the patio door entrance to the dining patio.
  • Roof beams
    Placing the roof vigas (pre cast concrete beams) No more wood worm or rot in this roof.
  • Roof joists
    Precision in the setting out of the joists in vital.
  • Insulating the roof
    The roof is insulated, and a cement screed applied. It’s now ready for the roof tiles to be laid.
  • Coming on
    Work is moving fast now, roof tiles and brickwork.
  • Edge stone
  • Roman tiles found at the house
  • Now rendered, the house is taking shape
  • Stone window and door frames give a traditional look to the house.
  • Inside the first coat of plaster is being applied. There will be 3.
  • The finish coat is a hard smooth porcelain. Then the cornices are added.
  • Now that the sub base for the patio is laid we can build the terrace.
  • Garden retaining wall and steps are formed.
  • The outside terrace is laid ready for tiling.
  • Steps to the pool made of local Granite.
  • Pool patio walls rendered to detail stone.
  • Pool patio laid and dining room being built.
  • The bathroom have a VELUX light tube, discreate and very effective.
  • Walls primed, first of 3 coats.
  • Double glazed throughout these patio doors are Aliminium.
  • Doors, windows and shutters installed.
  • Railings to the terrace.
  • External gate.
  • Pool railing and safty gate installed.
  • Interior tiling.
  • Bathroom
  • Time to select the internal doors.
  • Light oak  with satin varnish.
  • Kitchen install.
  • The kitchen matches the interior doors perfectly.
  • External works complete.
  • Non slip tiles on the Patio.
  • Lime stone cobbles are laid to make the pavement.
  • Ready for a swim in the insulated pool.
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