Building an 'out-of-ground' swimming pool in Central Portugal - A Case Study

Swimming Pool Construction

The basic considerations when considering building a swimming pool are the same whether you are going to use a liner, painted render, insulated or glass mosaic.

The swimming pool that we are discussing here is an insulated swimming pool. The client wanted to lengthen his season for swimming but didn’t want the ongoing bills and maintenance that goes with a swimming pool heater especially as this pool is a good size.

A site inspection was made and it was discovered that the ground was in fact rock. Large sheets of lime stone with a little top soil.

It was decided with the aid of a local architect to take advantage of the natural ground slop and build an above ground pool with a difference. This pool would have surrounding walls and a patio/pool surround which would make the pool look like it was partly in ground.

The slightly raise pool became an advantage as it prevents small children from accessing the water when un attended. The top soil was cleared from the site and a reinforced concrete raft foundation was made.

Once the concrete was poured using a large concrete pump. The sides were constructed with a reinforced concrete skeleton. The concrete blocks form the shape of the pool and into this shell the various skimmers, jets, lights and pool cleaner ports are installed.

We then start the insulation process which involves insulation, carbon fibre and a special adhesive. The pool is then rendered with a cement render containing an additive which makes it waterproof and less likely to crack.

Once the rendered surface is dry the liner can be installed. At the same time the filters, pump, control valves and electrical circuits. The pool is filled with water and allowed to relax before we add the coping stone (local granite) and tiles to the pool surround.

As the pool was built out of the ground it was an easy addition to make the pump house at the end of the pool.

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