• We start with a hole a very large hole!
  • Not long now
  • Some of the stones that we removed were massive.
  • The hole has been dug and the reinforcing steel matt is created.
  • The vertical steel work is added.
  • The best way to move a large amount of concrete is with a pump.
  • Starting with a sub base we lay the concrete pad.
  • Concretes set so we can start the walls of the swimming pool.
  • This is an “in ground” pool created by concrete blocks and reinforced concrete with a heavy duty vinyl liner.
  • A sample of liner is chosen.
  • The liner is installed which is available in a wide variety of colours and patterns.
  • This liner has a 10 year guarantee. For information on colours go to -
  • Once filled with water the pool becomes alive.
  • A pool surround with patio completes the look.
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