SOS Service

SOS assistance for property owners living in Central Portugal

S.O.S. is our service to help existing and new clients to get help fast

Whether is a language problem, you don’t know where to find help or you have a problem with your car or property we have the qualified and trusted contacts who can help you quickly. Your problem could be a small one for example, you are just about to go on holiday and a tap has started to leak quite badly. We can help!

You came back from shopping and you were locked out with your keys inside the house. We can help! Or it could be a bigger problem – a recent and very happy client had tried for almost two weeks to get his swimming pool heater fixed. No one wanted to know. We organized a technician to visit your home, identify and resolve the problem.

You arrive home and find that tiles have blown off your roof causing damage to the gutters. We can help!

A very common problem is central heating boilers refusing to start when the weather gets colder. Don’t sit and shiver!!!.

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