Property surveys: pre & post purchase

Structural building surveys on properties in Central Portugal

Structural surveys are necessary if you are considering a property purchase in central Portugal. A structural survey can help identify potential problem areas and will no doubt help you to negotiate a more favourable deal prior to signing any purchase contract.

There are several types of structural survey available to you ranging from a fairly simple property appraisal, a Topograohical Survey, or an extremely in-depth structural report. Our surveyor will discuss your requirements with you and advise according to your needs.

Often, if there is a bank or other lender involved in the property purchase they will insist that the purchaser obtains a structural survey and valuation. The funder will want reassurance that there are no major problems affecting their return should they have to sell the property quickly as in the case of property repossession for instance.

Surveys are charged on the basis of their complexity and of course, the type of building that is being surveyed. In order to obtain the cost of a structural survey quotation over the phone or email all you have to do is provide us with the following information:

If you can provide us with a copy of a plan of the property, this will be very helpful, but is not essential. When conducting the structural survey, the surveyor will need access to all areas of the property, including the roof and roof voids and any cellars.

Whether carried out before or after you buy we can give you a structural building appraisal to assess the viability of refurbishing a property or to examine a particular problem area in a building that you are intending to buy.

Advice is available on the likely cost of any structural corrections and changes that you may wish to make to the building. Topographical Surveys are offered with GPS location of the property. These are ideal for registering your property, garden planning and are the starting point of any architectural planning applications.

Full structural engineering surveys

We also offer full structural engineering surveys if required. These surveys are highly detailed and very comprehensive. Click here to see a typical topographical survey.

For an example of a structural building appraisal here. Here is a short summary of the kind of issues we will look into for you provided full access to all areas is possible:

All our reports conclude with recommendations of what would be the best course for an owner to take. Occasionally the condition of a building may be such that the amount of remedial work required is not warranted - a complete or partial demolition being the advised route. This dose not have to be a major problem. Click here to see such a building and the house that is being built to replace it.

See also Topographical Surveys.

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