Still can't stop looking at the picture. Absolutely perfect, exactly how we wanted it to be. Thanks again.
April 2012, Ansiao
Subject: WOW!!! Those pictures look amazing. What a beautiful house. I know that you don't get sentimental about these things but, well, I always did love the place and I still do, even more so.
August 2010, Podentes
I've been very impressed with your professionalism, prompt attention & detailed methodical approach.
June 2010, Figuiera dos Vinhos
Also I would like to mention his Castelo Construction who are managing the works on my house and doing a great job. Many thanks for everything to the Team.
September 2011, Figuiera da Azoia
Thrilled with how it looks. Many thanks to you and your very able team for carrying of this project to such a good standard.
July 2011, Arganil
I knew I would be in the UK for much of the time period of the work and needed to know that I could have a one-stop-shop prime contractor/project manager look after the whole project.  I worked with Castelo Construction.  I was initially a bit hesitant and suspicious thinking that it might not deliver good value for money. I was proved wrong again and again!
First of all John did a lot of work above and beyond the call of duty for example: fixing me up with a temporary boiler to give me workable hot water when I came over to stay in the house during the work.  He brought together a team of outstanding specialists in the various areas of plumbing, painting and kitchen installation whom I am now convinced are the best in the field.
November 2011, Avalar
We were most impressed with the bathroom, in its entirety. In fact XXX thinks it provides the best showers she's ever had. The transformation of the house was amazing. In fact a relative of the previous owner dropped in, unannounced on Saturday and admired the conversion ,so far. I was pleased when she commented that we had retained the "spirit of the house"!  We're grateful and thank your team, for us.
April 2011, Serta

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