Woodworm Treatment and Prevention

If you own a property more than ten years old it’s no doubt showing the tell tale signs of wood boring insect attack somewhere.

You may have seen a pair of wood wasps literally chewing a hole big enough that you could put your finger into. Maybe you are kept awake at night by the crunching noises made by the death-watch-beetle?

Its time to talk to us about it!

Even if you don’t witness the more extreme symptoms of wood insect attack they could still be silently munching through your home.

Its time to have a property inspection done before the timbers are too far gone to preserve.

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If you are carrying out any refurbishment work it makes sense to have the timbers that you are leaving in place to be treated as a precaution against contaminating new timber that you are adding to your home. We can treat the new timber too before or after you install lt.

The product we use is very low smell, clear and lets you return to your home only an hour after treatment.

Wood worm as you have probably already heard is a major problem in old Portuguese houses. With a mixture of the right climate and unprotected wood used to build homes its wood worm heaven.

Wood worm control or prevention is a major concern to anyone spending money on refurbishing or building a home here in Portugal. With insects varying in size from the huge wood wasps to tiny wood boring insects such as Xestobium rufovillosum.

Once a support beam in a sheltered part of the house, usually the roof or floors is devoured by the wood boring insects the beam starts to sag or just crumbles resulting in dipping floors or roofs which let the rain in. Once the rain is allowed to contact the roof timber the mixture of dry rot and wood worm attack can result in a collapsed roof in a very short period of time.

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